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Complete Publication List of James S. Schilling

Read all our publications since 1999, and a few before that (PDF files)

Here are the complete operating manuals, including all experimental details, for our He-gas and diamond-anvil-cell high pressure systems.

Periodic Table of Superconductivity gives current values of superconducting transition temperature Tc for both the 31 ambient-pressure superconductors (yellow) and the 23 high-pressure superconductors (light green). See legend in figure for detailed information. (last updated January 18, 2022)

Group Photo from the Gordon Conference on Research at High Pressure chaired by J.S. Schilling (June 21 - 26, 1998 in Meriden, New Hampshire)

Here's a link to the 1998 Gordon Conference webpage

Kamerlingh Onnes and Johannes Sizoo carried out the first high-pressure studies on superconductors (Sn and In) in 1925. Here is a copy of their memorable publication in Phys. Lab. Univ. Leiden, No. 180b (1925). 

Yuhang Deng after thesis defense May 14, 2019!

From left to right:  Chuan Wang (Yuhang’s wife), Yuhang Deng, Jim Schilling

Jing Song after thesis defense April 11, 2018!

From left to right:  Pallavi Malavi, Jim Schilling, Jing Song, Yuhang Deng

Isaiah is a Doctor

The members of Schilling's group introduce themselves

Group in April 2018

From left to right:  Yuhang Deng, Pallavi Malavi, Jim Schilling, Jing Song.

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Here's where former group members are and what they're doing

High pressure records within group

Interesting facts and photos for present and former group members, including Gordon Conferences

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