GRC Meeting in June 22-27, 2014

Here are the opposing soccer teams, the Gigapaschals and the Terapaschals. Here teams and spectators pose peacefully together. Here two action photos. Now a movie with a goal! Here Jim Schilling, Craig Looney, and James Hamlin relax after the game!

And now, the Gordon Conference Photo with name list!
GRC Meeting in June 24-29, 2012

Here are the two formidable soccer teams, the Gigapaschals and the Terapaschals. Who won is, unfortunately, forgotten.

Eating lobster can be fun, as Jim and James demonstrate!

GRC Soccer Match, June 29, 2006

Players in this photo include: Koen De Hantsetters, Jim Schilling, Shanti Deemyad, Mikhail Eremets

Second from left in photo is Mathew Debessai who scored 5 of the 6 goals in a 6:1 rout of "Kbars" over "Mbars".

Two  Photos  from  Summer  2002

Join us at the beer garden in the Ostpark in Munich!

Andreas Schlögl, Geziena van den Berg, Jim Schilling, Harald Gossner, Horst Zimmermann on July 12, 2002.
Here are two pictures taken of Claus Allgeier, Horst Zimmermann, Andreas Schlögl, and Jim Schilling about 10 years earlier
on an attempt to climb the "Pyramidenspitze" near Kufstein.  Unfortunately, a storm came up before we made it to the top.

Professor S. Methfessel in discussions with his former postdoc Jim Schilling.
The occasion was the celebration on July 19, 2002 of Methfessel's 80th birthday.

Old-Timer Fest in Garching (July 23, 1998)

  • Andres' 1926 Lancia Lambda
  • Andres in voller Fahrt
  • Man trifft sich wieder!
  • Bier gibt's genug!
  • Ralf Sieburger, Gezina van den Berg, Christoph und Katja Lettau
  • Claus Allgeier mit seinem geliebten Faraday-Magnetometer
  • John Neumeier und Ralf Sieburger mit Sohn im alten Labor