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Advised students
  • Piotr Czerski, University of Tübingen (Ph.D. 1984)
    Isobar Excitations and Low Energy Spectra of Light Nuclei.
  • Manfred Trefz, University of Tübingen (Ph.D. 1985)
    Real- und Imaginärteil des Potentials zwischen zwei Kernen und die realistische Nukleon-Nukleon-Wechselwirkung.
  • Willem Hengeveld, Free University Amsterdam (Ph.D. 1986)
    Meson-Exchange Forces and Medium Polarization in Finite Nuclei. 
Graduated students
  • Angels Ramos, University of Barcelona (Ph.D. 1988)
    Beyond a Mean Field Description of Nuclear Systems within Self-Consistent Green Functions Theory.
  • Mario Brand, Free University Amsterdam (Ph.D. 1990)
    Nuclear Response beyond Mean Field Theory. 
  • Brian Vonderfecht, Washington University (Ph.D. 1991)
    Short-Range Correlations and Superfluidity in the Green's Function Theory for Nuclear Matter. 
  • Peter Domitrovich, Washington University (Ph.D. 1991)
    Spectral Functions and the Validity of the Shell Model in Finite Nuclei. 
  • Gustl Rijsdijk, Free University Amsterdam (Ph.D. 1993)
    Influence of Long-Range Correlations on the Spectral Functions and Response of 48Ca and 90Zr. 
  • Smain Amari, Washington University (Ph.D. 1994)
    Single-Particle Excitations of the Electron Gas. 
  • Chris Gearhart, Washington University (Ph.D. 1994)
    Self-Consistently Dressed Nucleons and Nuclear Wave Functions. 
  • Jie Yuan, Washington University (Ph.D. 1994)
    Study of Superfluid Nuclei with Self-Consistent Green's Function Theory. 
  • Wouter Geurts, Free University Amsterdam (Ph.D. 1996)
    Long- and Short-Range Correlations in Nuclei; a Green's Function Approach. 
  • Libby Roth, Washington University (Ph.D. 2000)
    Self-consistent Green's Functions in Nuclear Matter.
  • Carlo Barbieri, Washington University (Ph.D. 2002)
    Self-consistent Green's Function Study of Low-Energy Correlations in 16O. 
    • Neil Robertson, Washington University (Ph.D. 2003)
    Effects of short-range correlations on Lambda decay in nuclear matter. 
  • Jonathan Morris, Washington University (Ph.D. 2011)  
Dynamic pion studies in nuclear matter.                                                                                          
  • Seth Waldecker, Washington University (Ph.D. 2011)     
 Improving the dispersive optical model toward a dispersive self-energy method.
  • Hossein Mahzoon, Washington University (Ph.D. 2015)
Implications of a Fully Nonlocal Implementation of the Dispersive Optical Model.
  • Dong Ding, Washington University (Ph.D. 2016)
Green's function application for pairing correlations and the optical potential.
  • Mack Atkinson, Washington University (Ph.D. 2019)
Developing Nucleon Self-Energies to Generate the Ingredients for the
Description of Nuclear Reactions.

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