Patrick M. Harrington

Latest News:

(October 2019) Not every microwave filter can operate at milliKelvin temperatures - but the Marki Microwave FLP-0750 does! Check out our measurement in this recent blog post.

(July 2019) Check out the latest publication "Characterizing a Statistical Arrow of Time in Quantum Measurement Dynamics" in PRL and on the arXiv! To learn more, check out this press release in the Source.

(July 2019) Patrick is attending the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting where he will join 580 other young scientists to meet and interact with 39 Nobel Laureates. ORAU Press release

(May 2019) Our latest experiment using a photonic crystal to stabilize an open quantum system is published in Phys. Rev. A, also find it on the arXiv.

(May 2019) Read about Washington University's new Center for Quantum Sensors in the article Center for Quantum Sensors tackles big questions.

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